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Feed additive able play the role of prevention


Mineral feed additives application and its compounds are generally able to effectively play the role of prevention and promote growth. If lack of mineral elements of mineral elements and excessive harm an animal, obstacle may appear or digestive metabolism, growth and reproductive abnormalities, and even disease. If the animal feeding excessive mineral elements, it can lead to chronic poisoning, and even death.


One of nature's most perfect complex requires that all other players attend or game is not going to happen. Synthesis of vitamin, this may be the single biggest reason, however, instead of the vitamins in food, supplement or complement a variety of other nutrients don't work alone. There is no single nutrients is single way no one else will. Nature is more complicated than that. No effective complex enzyme cofactors, therefore, will not have any activity.


High quality yeast powder is a kind of specially designed for nutritional deficiencies caused by the dysfunction of health care products. Glutathione is an effective material detoxification. This is an important antioxidant and free radical scavenger. The material has a very important role in biological transformation and integration of detoxification. Discharge harmful poison and material of the body. 

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