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This is important feed additive


High quality yeast powder the product, interior what thick protein 50% above its characteristics unique has below: by in the middle part of the new courtyard agaric samples, high-protein yeast is recommended the guarantor center, and through the liquid and layered after fermentation, it is true, this is discrimination taste the shortcomings, can supplement protein and vitamin rich compound enzyme preparation, such as protein and B vitamins, trace elements, protease, amylase and sugar enzyme indoor Korea and 18 kinds of amino acids and active cell content 85% more USES, increase appetite, improve the quality of meat \ "egg \ breast, improve the rate of forage grass, reduce feed costs, shorten the raising period, product quality is reliable, can replace fish meal imports.


Choline chloride powder product belongs to the vitamin B complex vitamins, is an important combination, lecithinum in biological tissue, acetylcholine and neurophospholipiol, moreover, it can save methionine. Choline is attaches great importance to the poultry, livestock, fish and shrimp growth. In animals, it played an important role, adjust methabolism and reversal of fat, as well as prevent fat accumulation in the liver, liver tissue deterioration. As a methyl donor, it can push forward the reform of amino acids, to improve the availability of amino acids. Therefore, it is an important feed additive.

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