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  The product name :Allicin

  Allicin Also calleds the garlic white newly white , the third base three vulcanization together thing of chemistry named as two alkene . Possessing to destroy harmful microorganisms , and promotes the growth and flavours many kinds of merit abilitys such as meal etc induce , the nothing is left the nonpoisonous side-effect . Get the extensive use in breeding the industry at present 

  Chiefly active one-tenth sake : Two alkene third base sulphur ether ( CH2=CHCH2 ) 2S3 

  The specifications : 98% liquid 25% , 15% and 10% powder

  Outward appearance and shape and properties : 98% serve as light yellow colour viscosity liquid The powder is for the white mobility powder , and possesses the strong garlic smell . 

  The major effect : 
   1 , resisted fungus wide general , but fungus is strong . That the garlic is that white to the leather the negative fungus of positive fungus of Lan Shi and leather Lan Shi all possesses extremely strongly goes out the effect the most extremely , and the birds can effectively restraining the fishes and raises longly sees occurring of disease . 
   2 , flavours the meal induces , the improvement forage character . Possess the strong and pure garlic smell , and can replace other sweet smell agent in the forage . Irritating the fishes and poultry birds gives rise to the strong meal inducing effect , appetite that makes increases greatly the can improvement forage rare delicacy , and increases searching for food capacity . 
   3 , strengthen immune ability , and promote the poultry birds and fishes health growth . To add appropriate amount garlic white in the forage , and the fur is bright and the healthy and strong and disease-resistant power of physique strengthens and reduces forage consumption and raise that the laying hen produces egg capacity after absorbing to the animal , and can promote the fishes and raise the birds growth , and raises the survival rate . 

  4 , improving the animal character , to add the garlic of appropriate amount white in the forage , and can effectively adjust the formation that the irritate was given rise to the amino acid of sweet smell in the meat , and the sweet smell of increase animal meat or egg becomes sake to be given rise to , thus the taste that makes animal meat or egg is more delicious . 
   5 , falls the poison drives the insect , and the mould proof is kept fresh . To add the garlic white in the forage , the merit ability can had clearly Wen detoxifying and the invigorate the circulation of bloodization is become silted up , and can the toxicity of harmful matters such as Gong , cyaniding thing and nitrous acid etc in the notable reduction forage . And can effectively drive out insect , fly and mite etc , and act the protection forage quality , and improve the effect of poultry pouity dwelling place internal environment . 
   6 , nonpoisonous and nothing side-effect is not had the pharmaceuticals leaving , and does not have endureing property of a medicine . The white Han of garlic naturally destroys harmful microorganisms in o sake , and metabolizing with the original shape in the animal aspect , and the major characteristic distinguished in other antibiotic is nonpoisonous and does not have the side-effect and the nothing pharmaceuticals are left and does not have the property of a medicine endureing . But continuous duty , and the efficacy such as has a disease-resistant poison and raise breeding egg the being fertilized rate etc . 
   7 , resisted global-worm illness . The garlic whitely has the good prevention effect to the chicken global worm , and can replace the resisted global worm pharmaceuticals in the non- global worm epidemic-stricken area . 
These article fit the forage hygiene standard , effective one-tenth purity >= 98.5% 

  The storage : Avoiding heat avoids light , and it is dry to ventilate , and seals up preserving 

  The item is paid attention to : Can not mix the set with the basicity matter , and not have the careful usefulness of scale fish 

  Guarantor's nature phase : 24 months

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