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Choose the appropriate mineral feed additives


Choose the appropriate mineral feed additives generally fall in o two major elements and trace elements. The only constant element in the normal application of calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, four, mainly including stone and bone powder, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, and add the salt and other independent; Trace elements are usually only applies to iron, copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium, etc.


Effective complex enzyme are necessary to a healthy body chemical reactions within the catalyst. Complex enzyme, simply say, based on protein substance, bring the change of the body, by speeding up digesting food, absorbing nutrients, maintain and repair the organization's mission, as with other nutrients. More than 2000 different enzyme digestion, and many other important body functions has played a positive role.


Moreover, high quality yeast powder nutrient value is high, has also developed directly take human instant yeast powder, yeast zinc, yeast polysaccharide, yeast selenium, chromium yeast, yeast powder of high quality, its excellent safety and nutrition, and high bioavailability of incomparable advantage over other similar health foods; Yeast powder, starter or clean bio-energy development, importance, in order to solve the problem of global energy will play a very effective yeast powder or natural cosmetics raw material, biological vaccines, and many of the important source of genetic engineering, in a short period of time, the yeast powder is human health good partners!

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