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Healthy feed additives will not cause harm


A number of countries require manufacturers of industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, pesticides, cosmetic products, food products, feed additives, etc., to establish thorough data that informs that the use of these products do not pose any hazards to human health and the environment. Non-hazardous nature needs to be established through studies and data, which will be examined by the regulatory authorities of the concerned countries.

Due to certain meat flavor of high quality yeast powder, it always use for replace the meat extract. The glutathione supplier found that the meat flavor and enhanced yeast extract is from containing glutathione, cystine, and the sulfur-containing amino acids such as yeast extract, and sodium L-glutamate, xylose coexistence made from heated, form a very good beef flavor.

Glutathione has good effect on protecting liver. Due to too dense and unclean feeding in fish farming, the fish liver function is bad, show up reduced feeding, slow growth, and even death. Buy yeast powder, can be used for liver protection active ingredients in fish mixed food, improve fish growth conditions, to improve the economic benefits of aquaculture.

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