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Holistic pet nutrition - feed additives


Health benefits of the feed additives are countless. As we know all ingredients are from natural sources so the digestive level is high. No digestive problem arises. The immune system works better and will be boosted always, no chance of any infection to pet. Feeding Holistic Pet Food will minimize Food related allergies that your pet might have. Nutritional deficiencies that may lead to different disease can be easily avoided.

They may use human grade ingredients such as protein, meat products, high quality yeast powder or grains used in human food. As these are from natural sources only the cost of production is higher. But I think this is not too costly if you see the health benefits to pets. It's true that feed additives is costlier than any other commercial products because these contain ingredients of high standard.

When you see buy yeast powder as holistic then you can assume that this food is a complete food containing all ingredients from natural sources only and your pet don't need any other supplement or food along with feed additives.

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