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Animal feed additives market is expected to grow


This paper considers the safety of the antibiotic feed additives against the background of the regulatory measures in place, defines their role and describes the relevant concerns. It closes with comment on the microbiologically-based health risk which underpinned the AFA bans and sounds a warning over the precedent created by the use of the precautionary principle in the recent banning of six of their number.

High quality yeast powder is often added to pet foods to help dogs and cats maintain shiny coats and general health. In humans, B vitamins also help support a good metabolic rate, protect against pancreatic cancer and keep skin glowing.

The product may be known as 'savoury yeast flakes', and may be available in bulk as well as packaged. Buy yeast powder can also be purchased in pill form, for those who and the nutrients but don't like the taste.

Feed additives are mostly imported from Asia, Europe, and the United States, and the main market competitors are Basf, DSM, Ajinomoto, Adisseo, Evonik and Sumitomo. The animal feed additives market is expected to grow due to increasing prices of basic raw materials and increasing concern regarding animal nutrition.

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