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How to choose the animal feed


Right type of animal feed additives help the farmers to achieve the best results for the reasons. Apart from pasture grazing and livestock-crop grazing, the livestock farmers are highly relying on the industrially produced cattle feeding ingredients. This helps them fulfill the overall dietary needs of their animal.


There are many different types of cattle feeds available with the suppliers. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Forages or roughages are the common cattle feeds. You must offer the forage that is prepared form right type of plants and that have right moisture content. Hay is one of the popular forages available as cattle feed. Chlorination choline powder product is another popular feed additive for cattle in the category of forages.

Concentrates with high percentage of easy to digest carbohydrates are other important cattle feeds you must offer to your customers. Corn, barley, oats, wheat and oilseed meals are the most popular concentrates that make a part of the quality cattle feed.

Supplements are given as feed to cattle if the forages available are low in nutrients. Protein rich supplements and those with 50%?60% Choline Chloride are among the most popular supplements available for feeding cattle.

By offering all these types of cattle feeds, you can actually entertain the needs of different livestock farmers.

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