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Business and functional free version of the system there a difference?


Business and functional free version of the system does not make any difference.

Business and Free differences:
1, if you program for commercial purposes, please consciously purchase the license, otherwise we reserve the right to pursue legal responsibilities;
2, free version and commercial version of the site there is no difference between functions, business users can get professional technical support services;
3, free version such as the removal Powered by MetInfo Copyright logo will not run! M extension of official and legal responsibility to pursue the appropriate!
4, see the free version and commercial version of the detailed features and services compare: View Details

When everything is ready, the website construction work first needs to design the website. Whether a website is beautiful and whether it can impress users, the key lies in the quality of the design effect. When designing a website page, it is necessary to ensure that it is consistent with the theme of the website as much as possible, so that users can trust and like it. At the same time, it must highlight the advantages and characteristics of the company and highlight the brand image of the company, so that the website can be more effective. Good results. Therefore, the design work is also very important in the construction of the website. It is the key word factor that determines the quality of the user experience and the profitability of the enterprise.

Website function production

When the website page design is completed, the next step is the realization of the function, which is what we often call the program work. The main work content of the program is to realize the functions in the website page, bind the front-end page and the back-end of the website, and realize the operability. Although it seems that the program is not obvious on the front-end of the website, it is indeed very important in the back-end of the website. For example, when the company uses the back-end, whether the operation is convenient and simple, whether the steps are complicated, etc., these are all It is achieved by program. Therefore, the program is also the most important aspect of website production.

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