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Feed additives balanced animal nutrition


If you feed kibble, then it is in the best interest for you and your dog to find the best feed additives out there. Stay away from extruded and go for the baked foods. Then you can always supplement it with some meat, raw bone, eggs, cottage cheese, veggies and fruits.

To upgrade from kibble there are dehydrated foods that have vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all you add is meat and other proteins sources plus veggies and fruits. Then you have raw dog food that needs to be balanced with meat, bones, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, supplements, omega fatty acids, and high quality yeast powder.

Canned foods are mostly water, essential fatty acids and enzymes are destroyed during high cooking processes. Buy yeast powder, Semi-moist foods with their high shelf life, have the most amounts of additives, and preservatives. And are lacking in essential nutrients and are thus the most dangerous.

With either raw or cooked use quality meat or fish products. Do not feed cooked bone it is un-digestible and dangerous as are most commercial dog foods. 

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