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Dogs feed additive on the need to do a dog


There are those which we can buy from the market or alternatively, we can choose to make them ourselves. If we personally prepare our dog feed additives, it delivers many built in favorable characteristics. The biggest advantage is that we are able to monitor what our dogs are actually taking.

In feeding dog treats to our pets, there's only one standard - can we actually eat the food ourselves? If yes, then we're behaving as responsible pet owners towards our dogs. However, if the answer is no, then we may be behaving irresponsibly and perhaps we should reconsider what we are feeding them buy yeast powder.

It would be ideal if we use lamb meat for our homemade dog food. In the alternative, we could also use beef, pork or high quality yeast powder so long as we keep off the fattiest portions. We should also make a conscious campaign to ward off additives and preservatives such MSG or those which can induce an allergic reaction for our dogs.

Would it be humane to give back this loyalty by feeding them substandard dog food that is commonly full of extenders, or can we find it within our hearts to express our love by making them their personal home made dog food?

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