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Yeast Powder

  • Yeast Powder
  • Yeast Powder
Yeast Powder

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  This strain microorganism ferments the product , interior above of Han's thick protein 50% its characteristic unique below possessing : By the middle section courtyard fungus kind newly , high protein saccharomycete are recommended to the guarantor center , and through liquid and the hierarchical having fermented admittedly , this is tasted with discrimination the shortcomings that can replenish protein and vitamin to rich compound enzymes such as protein and B clan vitamin , trace element , protease , amylase and carbohydrase etc of interior Han as well as 18 kinds of amino acid and more than the active cell content 85% uses , improve appetite , improves the quality of meat \'s egg \'s breasts , raise the forage change rate , reduces the forage cost shortens raising period , the product quality is reliable , and can replace import fish meal 
  Scope of application : These article are suitable Yu Niu sheep , pig , hare , marten , chicken , duck , fish and shrimp etc 
  Use and consuption : Domestic animals and the fish shrimp forage adds according to the proportion of 1-3% ; 
   Domestic animal ( pig , Niu Yang , hare and marten etc ) forage adds according to the proportion of 2-5%
  The packing specifications : Weaving the bag , the compound membrane is in bags to 25kg/'s bag .

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