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The Living-benefiting factor Added with Enzymes

  • The Living-benefiting factor Added with Enzymes
  • The Living-benefiting factor Added with Enzymes

The Living-benefiting factor Added with Enzymes

  The major effect :
  1. the active fungus of these article for minute ecology agent and the active enzyme makes up and many enzymes that become increasingly livings fungus agent is with fungus the systems fungus , restraining harmful fungus breeding , reconciling to raise birds intestines minute prevention and cure from of ecological balance bacteria alimentary canal diseases , to using the antiiotic for a long time , obstinate nature not curing diarrhoea has the specially good effect , and cures afterwards not returning compound.
  2. can effectively replenish the profitable microorganism inside poultry birds and other the animal alimentary canal , improve alimentary canal fungus crowd's balance , and rapidly raise disease-resistant ability of organism , supersession ability and digestions absorptivity , and achieving the prevention and cure disease to raise the double action that the birds grows with promoting to the forage.
   3. fattening the resisted nutrition factor that pig \ piglet is added to feed this article to raise in the day grain day to increase weight 18.2%, to eliminate in the forage .
   4. raising poultry birds immune ability , notable reduction incidence of a disease and death rate 
   5. adding feeds this article one week , and increases thick \'s yolk and turns red \ and raise the laying rate and has notable effect to the eggshell 
The diarrhoea that the epidemic disease etc in birds and other animal colon bacillus \s Salmonella \ birds cholera \s law family clan bag \ Xincheng causes has very good curative effect 
   6. being used to raise 
   7. the recovering of birds spirit , appetite and laying rate has exceptionally good efficacy to the disease 
   8. agreeable to the taste nature is good and the dosage is the use small and the cost is hanged down , and nonpoisonous and the nothing is left and does not have a side-effect and to be the healthy profitable green animal foodstuff of production had better pledge .

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