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Betaine HCL 98%

  • Betaine HCL 98%
  • Betaine HCL 98%

Betaine HCL 98%

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Betaine HCL 98%

Chemical Name:Betaine HCL 98%

Betaine 98% is the very important and necessary feed for kinds of animal every day ,Betaine is a high-effect donor of methyl. It can replace the function of providing methyl of methionine and chloride. During animal metobly, it can provide living methyl, and guaranteed to take part in the every kind of biochemical reaction, in order to make sure normal mixture and metaboly of nucleic acid and protein.


1. It can improve the immune functions and prevent the fatty liver, accelate the fat metaboly.

2. Through reducing the enzyme energy which is made by venter fat or subcutaneous fat, it will improve the rate of muscle distinctly.

3. It can adjust the cell osmotic pressure, reduce the stress response, and maintain the animals' natural growth. It also can prevent hyperkalemia that is affected by diarrhea, maintain the nutrition ingestion function, and reduce happening of diarrhea.

4. It can stimulate animal's scent and taste, it' a good phagostimulant. For marine lives. Itcan improve the ingestion quantity and success ratio; Promote the effect of growth and protecting water quality. Betaine has the special smell; It can strengthen other amino acids reaction. 


Character:white crystal,sweet,poor deliqueszcence,dissolvable in water,neutral.
    Item              Standard 
   Content         Betaine Hydrochloride 98%
 The Residue after Heating        ≤1.0%
   Heavy Metal             ≤20ppm

Sort Of the Domestic AnimalsThe Range of the Used AmountThe Advised Amount (%)
Lean-meeat Pig0.02--0.2%0.15%
Soft-shelled Turtle0.2--1%0.4%

[Package] 25kg/bag

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