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Complex Enzyme

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Complex Enzyme

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Complex Enzyme

There are many kinds of enzyme in the product,such as protease,protease,amylomyces,xylanase,pectase,manosanase,cellulose, β-glucanase and so on. All these enzymse are combined together reasonably and are rich in vitamin,growth factor and other beneficial bacteria.

Through the orthogonal test,the above-mentioned enzymes are reasonably mixed together.The modern productive technology makes the product with high activity and strong effects.
Only 0.1%of the product is added in the feed,it can make productivity of feed processing plant reach 10,000 t/year. and lower the costabout a few hundred thousand Yuan. A middlescaled plant can increaseeconomic efficiency about 10,000 Yuan every year.
The product can destroy the anti-nutrition factors in the feed and improve the utilization.
It has the theromostability in the process of granulation.
It has the two-year validity period because the active enzyme protective factors in the feed.
It has antibiotic resistance and can be used with antibiotics at the same time.

It can supplement more enodogenous digestive enzymes to young animals,it can decrease the digestive tract diseaseand promote the digestion of protean and amylum.
It can resolve the cellulase in the feed,and make the nutrition contect with the digestive enzyme to promote the digestion .The various enzymes such as xylanase,
β-glucanase can resolve the antinutrition factors in the feed to lower the viscosite in the intestines to promote digestion.
It can make the domestic animals grow rapidly.
It can improve the puality of meat ,egg and milk,lower cholesterol ,improve the color of yolk,increasethe thickness of eggshell and increase the lean meat.
It can improve the animal' s immunity and lower the death rate.
It can improve the breeding environment,wipe off the smell of ammonia and the disease of respiratory system.
It has no pollution to the environment and is harmless to the domestic animals.
Scope of application:
The product is suitable to the breeding of pig,cattle,swheep,chicken,duck,fish and lobster.

Mix the feed with the product by the rate of 0.05-0.1%

Don' t steam or boil the product,it can be made as the granular under 80~C Choose the suitable complex enzymes to feed the different animals.

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