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Feed additives can metabolism modifier animals


Feed additives can cause the animal reaction in a non nutritional effects such as pH change, economic growth or metabolism modifier. Several feed additives containing nutrients such as proteins in yeast culture in sodium bicarbonate or sodium. Feed additives are not required to ensure high productivity or profitability.


Although the horse doesn't eat continuously (such as the flower is part of nature, its time to move in addition to the activity), should eat frequently. It need at least 2-3 meals every day to keep the intestinal health, but eating more often is desirable. Many small meals as well as some dinner. But this is why, in pasture grazing horses all day can be healthier than the food, such as hay and grain or chlorination choline powder product for them once or twice a day.


Yeast powder is a kind of health product design function disorder caused by malnutrition. Glutathione is an effective material detoxification. China yeast powder wholesaler. It is an important antioxidant and free radical scavenger. This material has a very important role in the biological transformation and integration of detoxification. It discharge of harmful toxins from the body of the material.

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